Theta Healing

The technique was named from the Theta brainwaves, which prevail in our brains when we are in a state of relaxation, light sleep or meditation. During a session, tuning into these frequencies allows us to discover the underlying causes of our problems. Applying visualization techniques the practitioner acts as a co-creator of reality, changing with the approval of the client all of his restrictive beliefs relevant to the subject and instilling new qualities that will benefit him. Speech is used as a communication channel between the conscious and subconscious mind, but also as a way of grounding in “here and now”.

It is a scientific and universally applicable method embracing all differences (age, gender, religion, political and social perceptions). Anyone can benefit from a session, regardless of the gravity of the subject they want to deal with, or whether it concerns purely their body, mind or spiritual development. What it takes is a sincere desire to shift their condition.

Session description

During a Theta Healing session, client and practitioner are sitting, facing each other. After a brief description of the issue, through a series of questions from the practitioner deeper restrictive beliefs are revealed. Using visualization techniques – and always with the consent of the client – the practitioner removes those beliefs and replaces them with others, inspired by the Creator that will benefit the client. After a series of other exercises, the session is completed and results are checked.

The session takes place in my own space, at your own upon request, but also via telephone or Skype. The effectiveness of the technique and the quality of a session are not limited by distance. It lasts 75 minutes and the cost is 40 €.


  • Deeper understanding of our challenge
  • Mental and emotional balancing
  • Relief from physical symptoms
  • Goal implementation and abundance
  • Experience of wholeness and unity with the Creator

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