During a period that I felt stuck, confused and disappointed, Nicolas listened to me and through the practice of Reiki, offered me love and relief, so I could unblock and deal with the problems that were playing in my mind in a loupe

Katerina, Athens

Before my session with Nikos, I had several intense physical symptoms: Shortness of breath several times a day and a moving ache in my body. I related them to stress but I could not pinpoint the causes or managed to find solutions. With his amazing technique -I was initially suspicious of- he helped me become a healthier person over Skype! It was an awesome experience I’ve been advising everyone ever since.

Merve, Eindhoven

I’ve had this shoulder problem for about 3 months when I met Nikos. Usually, I tend to be skeptic about pseudo-scientific, contemporary approaches but I have to admit that the pain was mostly gone after an hour session. I don’t know how he did it, but he did it

Esser, Istanbul

My first experience with theta healing came somehow unexpectedly. While I was traveling in India, familiar issues of pleasure and control made their appearance again, being in such a different and unfamiliar environment. After a session over the phone everything came back into flow – or rather I was able to relax and allow them to happen. Throughout the session I felt a constant connection, that I had the attention and interest I needed to open up and let go. Theta healing technique is therapeutic in “here and now”, and Nicolas a “calm power”, discreet and gentle helped me transform ideas and feelings within two hours. After the session I felt a sweet lightness and certainly closer to myself. I was impressed of how feelings, thoughts and beliefs can change to ones that do not hurt me anymore, of how simple therapy can be as long as I want it and focus on the right point. Nicolas as an observer, had the talent and the open heart to notice elements that I was unconsciously overlooking because they did hurt and supported me in focusing on them and discover what it was that I was hiding and guarding. Revealing and direct technique

Emilia, New Delhi

I started with curiosity and interest in Theta Healing. “What is this, how much can it help me in the difficulty I am facing?” But I had a deep trust in Nikos as a person and coach/healer. The issue I am dealing with is loving and acceptancing every aspect of myself and overcoming feelings and perceptions rooted in me for years. All these negative emotions and thoughts have a negative impact on my body, resulting in symptoms of weaknesses and illnesses. So, I decided to try it out… From the first few minutes I felt comfortable, that I have to do with someone who cares, that has a knowledge of the technique he is using, who respects me and wants to help me. Without any rush, with caution and patience he gently touched on issues that hurt, spreading calmness as a medicine to old wounds. The sincere conversation with him, his open sight, his essential remarks, deep empathy along with friendly simplicity and warm prayer brought good results. By the end of the session, I was feeling a smile forming in my face and a relief in my soul. I felt light and at the same time powerful within. In the next few days, I was experiencing an inner balance, certainty and tranquility. New ideas and positive thoughts were empowering me in difficult times. I want to go on with Theta Healing and Nikos, not from curiosity anymore, but with clear consciousness of the help he offers. Thank you very much

Vera, Mytilini

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