Reiki is a form of healing that makes use of the universal life energy, that acts and lives in everything which exists. It is transmitted through the hands of the practitioner to the energetic and physical body of a person receiving it. It can be applied by touch or without, as it is not restricted by distance. The technique is sealed with a simplicity that allows the wisdom of this energy to flow where healing is mostly needed. The practitioner does not set intentions of his own, neither is he the source of this energy. Words are not used during a session, allowing for deeper sensοry forms of communication with one’s self to arise.

Experiencing Reiki tends to bring in feelings of bliss, tranquility and a sense of deeper connection to one’s self. It is used to heal the body, harmonize the soul and lead the spirit to an experience of unity. Anyone can experience and benefit from it, no matter what they believe in or their background and story. Reiki is wisdom and truth

Session description

During a Reiki session, the person receiving the treatment usually lies comfortably down and the practitioner moves around various positions above his body – that correspond to our energy centers or chakras – projecting healing energy. It can be also done in a seated position. If it has been agreed upon, healing can be applied with or without touch.

The session takes place in my own space, in your space upon request, but also via telephone or Skype. The effectiveness of the technique and the quality of a session, are not limited by distance. It lasts one hour and it costs € 30.


  • Relief from symptoms
  • Feeling peace and tranquility
  • Mental and emotional balance
  • Experience of wholeness and unity
  • Communication with deeper parts of one’s self

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