Deep PEAT, DP2 and Universal Process techniques are personal and spiritual development methods created by Zivorad M. Slavinski. They aim to discharge(unload) our field from negative memories and experiences that we have accumulated during our lives in the form of thoughts, emotions, images and bodily sensations. This “load” lies between two “polarities”, between which we constantly oscillate in an effort to balance.

What these techniques achieve is the unification of these two poles, the discharge of existing content and our emotional balancing. As a result, our choices are no longer restricted by unconscious content. As a means of exploration the technique makes use of dialogue between the practitioner and the client, in combination with some positions on the forehead that the client touches gently and which allow the emergence of content from the subconscious mind.

Session description

At the beginning of a session’s the “processor” indicates to the client some touch points around the eye and one in the center of the chest, which he will be asked to place his hands upon during the session. They sit facing each other and once the problem has been defined, through a series of oscillations of emotions and thoughts, the two extremes of a polarity that relate to the subject are identified. The customer is guided in their unification. The session ends and its results are checked.

The session takes place in my own space, at your own upon request, but also via telephone or Skype. The effectiveness of the technique and the quality of a session are not limited by distance. It lasts one hour and the cost is 30 €.


  • Discharge on the issue of concern
  • Mental and emotional balancing
  • Relief of symptoms
  • Goals implementation
  • Experience of unity with one’s self

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